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Rich Notification Layout


Developers can specify that a rich notification consist of one or both types of RN templates:

Primary template

Required Controls a brief introduction, highlights, and primary action of the rich notification.

Secondary template

Optional Controls more rich notification content. 
Users tap the body of a primary template to display the secondary template.

You can choose from five primary templates and two secondary templates. For each rich notification, primary and secondary templates can be mixed and matched. Most template fields are optional. Developers have the flexibility to choose which fields to populate and which to leave empty.

The text, graphics, and layout of the RN Notification Screen depend on the primary and secondary templates. The layout of the initial unscrolled views of the screens depend on the primary template.

For header primary templates, the views also depend on whether the header background is a solid color or an image. 


Rich Notifications Initial Screens for Gear S2 Devices.png

Figure:     RN Notification Header Screens (Initial Unscrolled Views on a Samsung Gear S2 Device)


Rich Notifications Initial Screens for Gear S Devices

Figure:     RN Screens (Initial Unscrolled Views on a Samsung Gear S Device)


The timestamp, primary action button, and More Options buttons are managed by the RN Manager.
The timestamp and More Options UI button cannot be controlled by the developer. However, the primary action UI button is only displayed when the rich notification specifies a primary action.

The layout of the entire RN Notification Screen depends on the primary and secondary templates, and the primary action.

Sections in Rich Notification Header Templates

Figure:     Sections in Gear S2 and Gear S Rich Notification Screens (Scrolled Views)

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