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Samsung Developer Program

Seller Office UI Features

This section describes the Seller Office user interface features that assist you in registering your theme.


Page Menu - Navigation and Progress Indicators

  • The page menu on the left side provides access to theme registration pages and indicates your registration progress.
  • You can enter some or all information in each menu page and in any page order.


Some required fields in the page (currently selected for display)
have entries that do not meet minimum requirements.


All required fields in the page (not currently selected)
have entries that meet minimum requirements.

TS_TR_CommonUIFeatures_031.PNG Select Free or Paid and check the US Export Laws box.
TS_TR_CommonUIFeatures_032.PNG Enter comments for the validation team.

Note: Entries are not checked for suitability or for passing certification. Required data entries are checked for meeting minimum requirements, such as data that is less than maximum amounts. Optional data field entry progress is not indicated.

Controlling Field Display and Info Tips Display

  • Click Advanced Mode to see all fields, required and optional.
  • Click Simple Mode to see only the required fields.
  • For groups of fields, such as detailed device settings, the group can be collapsed/expanded by clicking the [Group title bar].
  • Click Show Tip: On to automatically display info tips for all fields.
  • Even when Show Tip: Off, click the TS_TR_CommonUIFeatures_05.png [Blue info icon] of an individual field to display its info tip.
  • Some fields have additional info that is displayed by clicking TS_TR_CommonUIFeatures_06.png [Red info icon].

Data Entry

  • You can enter some or all entries in a page in any order, click Save (at the top and bottom of a page), and continue data entry later.
  • Required fields have an asterisk (*) after their title.
  • Grayed-out fields, title text, and icons cannot be currently changed (for example, due to a related setting).
  • Click Add or + to display additional fields to register more items.
  • Date entries can be directly entered, or selected by clicking the TS_TR_CommonUIFeatures_07.png [Calendar icon].
  • After text data entry that meets minimum requirements, a TS_TR_CommonUIFeatures_08.png [Green checkmark] is displayed.
  • After data entry that does not meet minimum requirements (such as minimum/maximum bytes, and uniqueness among other entries), [red information] is displayed below the field.
    Note: Entries are not checked for suitability or for passing certification. Data entries are checked for meeting minimum requirements (such as data that is less than maximum amounts).
  • To register a file, click Upload, navigate to the local file, and click Open.
  • Image files can be registered in two ways:
    • Drag and drop the image file into the gray [Icon area] for the field.
    • Click Upload, navigate to the local file, and click Open.
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