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Samsung Developer Program

Install the Samsung Mobile Theme Editor

This article assists qualified users with the process of installing the Samsung Mobile Theme Editor onto a Windows or Mac OS computer.


Installation Steps 

To install the Samsung Theme Editor on your local machine:

  1. Navigate to the Theme Service website for Samsung developers ( in a web browser, and choose Log in to access your Samsung account (if prompted).
  2. Choose Get Access on the Samsung Themes menu.


  3. Download the Samsung Android Theme Editor .zip file to your local machine.


  4. Extract (unzip) the Samsung Android Theme Editor .zip file.
  5. Navigate into the extracted directory and doubleclick to run the Theme Editor setup file.

Note: If necessary, the installing party may have to grant permission in order to launch the installation wizard.

  1. Once in the installation wizard, read and agree to the Theme Editor license.


  1. Follow the steps within the installation wizard, and then click Finish.
  2. Navigate to your application startup area (for example, the Start menu in Windows®), and start Theme Editor.