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Samsung Developer Program

Design and Develop Theme Products

The Samsung Mobile Theme Editor makes it easy to design your own UI themes, wallpapers, always-on displays (AODs), and icon packs. This section describes how to install and use Samsung Mobile UI Theme Editor to create customized UI themes for supported Android devices.


  • You must have a Theme Partnership account before you can download and use Samsung Mobile Theme Editor. For details, see About Theme Partnership Accounts.
  • From Galaxy S6 onward, Samsung Mobile Theme Editor is available on models with a display that has at least HD resolution.
  • Samsung Themes service is available in 180+ countries, including several countries that provide it as a paid service.
    • Samsung Themes is a paid service in Korea, China, Japan, United States, Canada, India, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Poland, Indonesia, and Iran.
  • Themes that are developed using Samsung Mobile Theme Editor can only be sold from the Samsung Theme store.
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