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Samsung Developer Program

Discover Theme Products

A theme application is a skin that customizes the device UI to reflect the underlying concept, mood, brand, or other design factors. Themes consist of wallpapers, text, fonts, text color, sound, and other UI features. You can attract new customers with Samsung Themes, and you don't need development experience in order to create a theme.

About Samsung Theme Applications

Once you have created custom Samsung theme applications, you can market them through the Samsung Theme Store to an estimated 60 million customers. The Samsung Themes store now supports more than 30 smartphones, including our flagship Galaxy series and Note series smartphones. Approximately 15% of these visitors downloaded a theme from the Samsung Themes store at least once. 

Check out the following themes, which have earned a Samsung Themes Award (


The Samsung Themes store is displayed prominently under the Galaxy Apps store with featured categories and banner promotions. There are 16 overall categories for themes, with popular downloads from categories including Nature, Travel, Entertainment, Sentimental, Colorful, Sports, and others. The following table shows the breakdown of globally available free and paid Theme products.

Samsung Themes that cater to holidays (see the following North American Merchandising Calendar), major sporting events, or television shows often receive top placement to encourage repeat visits from users interested in keeping personalization up to date.


Samsung Themes publishers receive a 70% share of the total gross revenue for their offeringsThe Samsung Themes store supports various electronic payment methods in 90+ countries, including credit and debit cards, carrier billing, Samsung Pay, and PayPal.

Your Theme products can be marketed to a growing device user base.

2017 (15 models)

2016 (21 models)

2015 (11 models)

Galaxy S8, S8+

Galaxy Note Fan Edition

Galaxy Note8

Galaxy A 2017 series

(A3, A5, A7)

Galaxy C5/C7 Pro

Galaxy J3/J7 Pop

Galaxy S7, S7 edge

S7 Active, Galaxy Note7

Galaxy A 2016 series

(A3, A5, A7, A9, A9 Pro, A8)

Galaxy J 2016 series

(J3, J3 Pro, J5, J7, J7 China)

Galaxy C series (C5, C7, C9)

心系天下 W2017

Galaxy On series  (On5, On7)

Galaxy S6, S6 edge,

S6 Active,  Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy A8

Galaxy J series (J5, J7)

Galaxy S5 Neo

Galaxy On series (On 7, On5)



Visit the Theme Store

Get a theme from the Theme Store! Here's how:


Find Your Potential

About Theme Partnership Accounts

The Samsung Theme Partnership program consists of an exclusive ensemble of qualified designers with demonstrated experience producing high-quality theme products for Samsung smartphones.

Important: Samsung requires that all prospective theme product designers complete the application process and have a Theme Partnership account before distributing such products through the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.

Samsung Theme Partnership applications are accepted during a two-week time frame starting on the third Wednesday of every odd-numbered month (January, March, May, July, September, and November). For example, you can submit your application from July 19, 2017 through August 2, 2017. The next opportunity after that to submit a theme is then September 20, 2017 through October 4, 2017. 

Samsung generally processes Theme Partnership applications within four to six weeks. You will not receive an on-screen confirmation or an email message receipt for your application. If Samsung personnel require additional information, Samsung personnel might contact you directly or state the deficiency in the rejection message. Otherwise, you will be notified of the decision through email.

Tips for Successful Portfolio Review  

Samsung has designed the Theme Partnership Request process to promote only the best designers as well as those applicants who follow the directions accordingly. Only a handful of developers have their Theme products chosen to be included in the Samsung Theme Store. This section has vital information and tips to help you provide your best possible submission.

What You Need to Apply

Many rejections occur because the application is incomplete! Improve your likelihood of success by ensuring the following items are completed for submission.

Provide Identifying Information

Provide the following applicable corporate or personal contact information:

  • Company or Organization name
  • Company/Organization website, if applicable
  • Phone number or email address

Prepare Previous Design Work

For Samsung to assess your previous design work, you must provide:

  • An Introduction

Write your design introduction and the concept of themes that you want to create.

Note: This introduction has a 200-character limit.

  • Sample Narrative 1: Individual

My experience with theme product design spans over multiple generations and platforms of smartphones. I have a passion for creating innovative theme products that enhance user experience.

  • Sample Narrative 2: Company

We have a unique edge on mobile theme design that complements Samsung’s brand image. We would like the opportunity to design visually appealing themes for Samsung’s next generation of smartphones.

  • Your Portfolio

We encourage you to:

  • Submit a link to a portfolio of relevant theme products associated with the application.
  • Submit a .zip archive of such portfolio items.

Note: The optional Theme Design Submission template ( is available to help you create your design portfolio.

A winning portfolio often includes a diverse arrangement of mobile skins, backgrounds, icons, launchers, illustrations, and other relevant designs. You can submit a single file through this process, including large portfolios that exceed 4GB in size.

  • Cover Letter

Samsung encourages you to provide a one-page cover letter in the .zip archive as a method of identifying other relevant strengths or design experience not mentioned in the 200-character introduction.

Apply for a Theme Partnership

After preparing your portfolio, use the following steps to begin the Samsung Theme Partnership application process:

  1. Sign up for, or log in to a Samsung Account (
  2. Navigate to the Theme Service Partnership site, and click Log In (
    1. Click Services, and then click Samsung Themes.
    2. Click Android, and then click Get Access.
    3. Fill in the pertinent information on the Theme Service Partnership Request page, and click Submit.

Responding to a Rejection Notice  

If you receive a rejection, the system will provide you with a URL to review the details, as well as modify your portfolio for resubmission. Click Ask a Question to request additional information about the circumstances of the rejection, or Modify My Request to upload a new portfolio.

Download the Theme Editor

The Samsung Theme Editor is a freely available tool that lets you create theme products for Samsung mobile devices without writing code and using your own artwork and designs to create themes, wallpapers, always-on displays (AODs), and icon packs. Once you have a Theme partnership account, you can download the Mobile Theme Editor (Install the Samsung Mobile Theme Editor).

For information about using Mobile Theme Editor, see the Themes Design and Develop section.

Get a Seller Office Account

Get the correct Seller Office account:

Note: Be sure to use the Developer option. 

  • To distribute your freely available theme, you need either a free or commercial Seller Office account.
  • To distribute your paid theme, you need a commercial Seller Office account.

If you already have a Samsung Seller Office account, send email to to enable you to publish your themes.



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