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Deprecated API Methods

Some methods that were in IAP versions 1.0 and 2.0 have been deprecated in IAP 3.0.


Method Description Use in IAP 3.0 and above

getItemInboxList(_itemGroupId, _startNum, _endNum, _startDate, _endDate)

Returns the purchased items list.

getItemInboxList(_startNum, _endNum, _startDate, _endDate)

getItemList(_itemGroupId, _startNum, _endNum, _itemType, _mode)

Returns the product item list. getItemList(_startNum, _endNum, _itemType, _mode)

startPayment(_itemGroupId, _itemId, _showSuccessDialog)

Requests a purchase. startPayment ( _itemId, _showSuccessDialog, _onPaymentListener)


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