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Open IAB Plugin Error Returns and Integration Errors

Error  Description Solution
IAP_ERROR_PRODUCT_DOES_NOT_EXIST Encountered when the SKU mapping does not match the itemID or itemGroupID.

Ensure that the itemID or itemGroupID matches the SKU mapping. 

The itemID and itemGroupID are located at the Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office website.

NOTE: The itemGroupID (12-digit numeric string) can be omitted, but if you add it, note that it is unique to every service app.

IAP_ERROR_ALREADY_PURCHASED Encountered when a non-consumable, non-recurring subscription, or auto-recurring subscription item being purchased has already been bought. Ensure that service app logic and code prevents users from purchasing non-consumable, non-recurring subscriptions, or auto-recurring subscription items that have already been bought.
Incorrect app store is chosen Encountered when the billing store is incorrectly set during sideloading via ADB.

Force the service app to select Samsung IAP when it is set in conjunction with the BEST_FIT mode, regardless of the options set during sideloading. 

This solution was applied in the sample service app (City Flyer) in Open IAB Plugin Integration to ensure that it selects Samsung IAP, whether or not a billing store was specified during sideloading.

Nothing happens after purchase or query Purchases and queries launch events after they execute. These events are defined in the OpenIABEventManager.prefab file (e.g., OnBillingSupported, OnPurchaseSucceeded). Nothing will happen after purchases or queries if this is not attached to your project.  Attach the OpenIABEventManager.prefab file to your project. Refer to the first step in Configuring and Initializing the OpenIAB Unity Plugin
NullPointerException: IAPConnector is null This error is due to not initializing the IAPConnector. Without initializing this, it will be null and, consequently, the events that need it will be using a null object. Initalize OpenIAB during startup using the OpenIAB.init() function. This will initialize the IAPConnector as well.
Billing fails during setup No requested Open IAB plugin API method calls based on Samsung IAP functionality are executed because Samsung Billing Client is not installed on the test device. Ensure that Samsung Billing Client is installed on the test device.
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