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Samsung Developer Program


This section describes the Look Edge UX, Edge Screen Design, and Edge User Panel and Feed Management and Help.

  • Look Edge UX
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    Using Look Edge SDK, you can implement and design Edge Single Plus panels that allow your users to access your apps easily. Users with Samsung Edge devices can download and use your Edge apps.
    • Edge Screen Design
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      This section describes the layout areas, types, and specifications for Edge Single Plus panels, Edge Single, Edge Feeds, and Edge Immersive panels. We recommend that you design your panels and feeds and their items using the layout principles described in this section.
      • Edge User Panel, Feed Management, and Help
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        The Edge UX enables your users to customize and get help with their Edge experience. Your users can download and configure the Edge panels and feeds that are available to be displayed and control operational aspects of Edge screens and content items. The actual Edge panel/feed management settings vary, depending on the user device model.


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