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Edge App Distribution After Using Edge Simulator

After you complete development of your Edge app that has been modified to run in the Edge Simulator, you must change your Edge app to make it ready for normal operations on your users' mobile devices after they download your Edge app from the Galaxy Apps store.

To distribute your Edge app after Edge Simulator development:

  1. In Android Studio (File > Project Structure > app > Dependencies), update your Edge app dependencies.
  • Ensure that the Slook_[version].jar file is listed.
  • Ensure that the edge_simulator_[version].jar file is NOT listed.
  1. Remove the code related to Edge Simulator operations that you inserted into your Edge app code. 
  2. In Android Studio, replace the Edge Simulator signing key with your signing key that you use for your production Edge apps.
  3. Build your release version Edge app binary file.

Note:    For production Edge binary files, all Edge panel and/or feed apps in each binary file registered with Samsung Seller Office are offered as 1 commercial or free product in the Galaxy Apps store.

  1. Register your Edge app with Samsung Seller Office.
    For details, see Seller Office Registration.
  2. Submit your Edge app to be certified for distribution.
    For details, see Seller Office Certification.
  3. After being certified, managing your Edge app distribution in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.
    For distribution management details, see Seller Office Management.
    For Edge app promotion details, see Promote Edge Apps.
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