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Samsung Accessory Protocol

Samsung Accessory Protocol
Connect accessory devices to Samsung smart devices

The Accessory SDK provides a single communications protocol that you can integrate into your Samsung smart device and accessory device apps that:

  • Supports multiple connectivity technologies, such as WiFi, Bluetooth classic, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). 

  • Eliminates connectivity issues and dealing with network protocols.

  • Enables you to configure Accessory Service profiles and roles for Accessory peer agents.

  • Use the Accessory File Transfer SDK to transfer files between devices using any type of connectivity supported by the Samsung Accessory Service Framework. 

  • Enables your users to:

    • Control their smart device remotely from their accessory devices (for example, controlling music volume).

    • Provide notification relay or alarm.

    • Find their smart device.

Samsung Accessory Protocol SDK

For details, see the SAP section for Gear wearables

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