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Samsung Developer Program

Galaxy Apps Badge Promotion

Put your customers 1 click away from buying your app with the Galaxy Apps badge

You can promote your apps by displaying a Galaxy Apps badge that sends your customers to your app's product detail page in the Galaxy Apps store (depending on the user's device).  

After requesting a Galaxy App badge for your app and providing information, Samsung generates and sends you your badge HTML, which you can insert into your marketing media (including websites, social media, and email).  Currently, the Galaxy Apps badge is in the pilot phase, and is available only to select partners.


After your customers click the badge, the resulting promotion depends on the user's device:

  • In a Samsung device browser, they are taken to your app's product detail page in the Galaxy Apps store.
  • In a non-Samsung device or desktop browser, they are taken to a help page that explains what they can do.

To get and use your app's Galaxy Apps badge:

  1. Submit a SDP ticket request (General Inquiry) or send us an email ( that includes your app's Galaxy Apps package name.
  2. We will generate a short URL, create your Galaxy Apps badge HTML, and send it to you.
  3. Embed the HTML in your marketing media. 
    Your potential customers will experience the badge service for your app.
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