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Samsung Developer Program

In-App Items Policy

This policy governs service applications that integrate Samsung IAP functionality and their commercial in-app items.

  • For a service app to sell IAP in-app items, the service app must integrate Samsung In App Purchasing functionality via 1 of 3 methods: directly integrating Samsung IAP functionality, or indirectly integrating it via an OpenIAB Unity Plugin or Unity IAP Services.
  • Service apps can only be distributed, either freely or commercially, via the Samsung Galaxy Apps store to countries with paid sales contracts, because all in-app items are sold commercially.
  • When a service app is registered in Samsung Seller Office as agreeing to the When SAMSUNG Galaxy Apps becomes available in more countries or with more payment options, your applications will automatically be sold in those countries (in the Country & Price tab) feature:
    • WHEN a country initially agrees to a paid sales contract, THEN the service app will automatically be distributed to that country with its commercial in-app item prices governed by each item's standard price or by an overriding factor (such as a country-specific minimum payment or a specified price for the country's region block).
    • WHEN a country changes the existing sales contract by adding more payment options, THEN the service app's commercial in-app item prices are governed by each item's standard price or by an overriding factor.
  • For each commercial in-app items, the end user pays the country-specific (local) item price at the time of the transaction.
  • If a default or seller-entered country-specific (local) item price is below the country's minimum item price, the country-specific item price is automatically changed to the country's minimum item price.


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