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Samsung Developer Program

Distribution Policy

This section presents the highlights the policies that govern the distribution in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store of free and commercial apps and products and commercial in-app items.


  • A freely or commercially distributed service application is available for distribution to countries in which one or more devices are compatible with the service application binary file(s).
  • Commercially distributed service applications with or without in-app items and freely distributed service applications with in-app items can only be distributed to countries with paid sales contracts.
  • WHEN a freely or commercially distributed service application, with or without in-app items, is registered in Samsung Seller Office as agreeing to the When SAMSUNG Galaxy Apps becomes available in more countries or with more payment options, your applications will automatically be sold in those countries (Country & Price website) feature, WHEN a country initially agrees to a paid sales contract, THEN the service application will automatically be distributed to that country, with commercial distribution subject to the service app's localized standard price or an applicable overriding price (such as a minimum payment price).
  • For commercially distributed applications with or without in-app items and for freely distributed applications with in-app items, it will be determined later whether additional products will be distributed according to the extension of the SAMSUNG Galaxy Apps paid service into the countries in which only the free service is currently available.
  • For commercially distributed service applications, the end-user pays the country-specific price at the time of the transaction to download the service application from the Galaxy Apps Store.
  • If the country-specific price is below the country minimum price, the country-specific price is automatically changed to the country minimum price.
  • When paying via Phone Bill, the range of available prices for payment is fixed for each country. Please note that if it is outside of the range, the recommended price will be given by default as the nearest available price in the range.
  • Carrier tier prices are set for each country and each carrier, which always meet the country minimum price requirements.


For pricing details, see the Service Application Pricing and Commercial Items sections. 

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