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Samsung Developer Program

Certification Validation Phase

The Galaxy Apps certification team will review submitted service apps based on the Galaxy Apps Certification Policy to determine whether or not to grant certification and approve the service app and its commercial items for distribution. 

The following conditions apply to all certification policy requirements:

  • The word shall means that the requirement MUST always be met in order for content to pass certification.
  • The word should means that it is recommended that content meet the requirement, but there can be exemptions that will not cause certification to be denied. When your content does not meet a should requirement, you MUST enter an explanation in the Seller Office website by clicking Add New Application > Certification > Please enter comments to the Certification Team field.

CAUTION: Content will fail certification when a should requirement is not met AND there is no explanation in the comments to the certification team field.

For more details, see Galaxy Apps Certification Policy


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