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Samsung Developer Program

Pre-Certification Validation Phase

After being registered with the Seller Office, a service app is submitted for certification, which involves automated pre-certification (which typically lasts about 30 minutes).

You can view service app progress in the Seller Office UI.

If a service app fails pre-certification, Seller Office account contacts are notified by e-mail, which will explain the reason(s) for the failure. Additionally, you can review the reason(s) for rejection in the Seller Office UI by going to the certification status in Applications > My Applications and clicking the Pre-Review Rejected status pop-up icon.

After passing pre-certification, Seller Office account contacts are notified by email. The service app will start the certification process within a day. The process typically take several days.

Service app security is verified before certification evaluation.

Note: We recommend that developers proactively review the certification requirements before and during implementation of the requirements in code development/modification. 

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