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Samsung Developer Program

Certification Overview

This document specifies the guidelines and requirement criteria for the certification of service apps (applications, products, services, widgets, or passive content) that run on mobile and Gear devices. In this document, service apps and their commercial items and information registered with Seller Office are referred to as content. Certification tests content that developers have registered (via the Seller Office UI) and submitted for Samsung certification and distribution in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.

Content certification guidelines and requirement criteria are governed by the Galaxy Apps Certification Policy and the applicable country laws.

In order to verify compliance with Galaxy Apps policy, Samsung will periodically conduct audits of content and its use by stakeholders (users, sellers, mobile operators) and the public. Samsung will complete a detailed review of content audits and send email feedback to content developers.

During the certification process, Samsung at its sole discretion reserves the right to approve, withhold approval, and reject the certification of any registered content for free or commercial distribution. If any registered content DOES NOT comply with certification guidelines or the Galaxy Apps policy, or if content is found objectionable by users, Samsung reserves the right to remove any content from the Galaxy Apps Store at any time without the seller’s consent.

Certifying content for distribution in the Galaxy Apps Store involves the following phases:

  • Pre-certification Phase (Registration/Pre-Certification status in Seller Office UI)
    Content is validated based on pre-certification requirements, which include but are not limited to: API validation, manifest file integrity, packaging, malware.
  • Certification Phase (Certification/Content Under Review status in Seller Office UI)
  • Content Review Sub-Phase
    Content is reviewed according to content review criteria, which include but are not limited to: legal guidelines (such as adult content and violence), Samsung Policy compliance, and age rating guidelines. 
  • Device Testing Sub-Phase
    Content is reviewed according to functional review criteria, which include but are not limited to: usability (based on the content description), device compatibility, and local testing.
  • Final Review Sub-Phase]
    Reviewers decide whether or not to approve content based on content review and device testing results.


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