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Samsung Developer Program

Data Entry

  • You can enter some or all entries in a page in any order, click Save (at the top and bottom of a page), and continue data entry later.
  • Required fields have an asterisk (*) after their title.
  • Gray-out fields, title text, and icons cannot be currently changed (for example, due to a related setting).
  • Click Add or + to display additional fields to register more items.
  • Date entries can be directly entered, or they can be selected by clicking the SO_RG_CommonUIFeatures_07.png [Calendar icon].
  • After text data entry that meets minimum requirements, a SO_RG_CommonUIFeatures_08.png [Green checkmark] is displayed.
  • After data entry that does not meet minimum requirements (such as minimum/maximum bytes and uniqueness among other entries), [red information] is displayed below the field.

NOTE: Entries are NOT checked for suitability or for passing certification. Data entries are checked for meeting minimum requirements (such as data that is less than maximum amounts).

  • To register a file, click Upload, navigate to the local file, and click Open.
  • Image files can be registered in two ways:
    • Drag and drop the image file into the gray [Icon area] for the field.
    • Click Upload, navigate to the local file, and click Open.
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