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Delete an In-App Item

You can delete registered in-app items before your IAP-integrated app and its in-app item have been submitted for certification, or after they have passed or failed certification. Deletion permanently removes the in-app item from Seller Office, and makes the item unpurchaseable by all of your app users. Previous item purchases are not affected.

Caution: You cannot undo deleting an in-app item.


To delete an in-app item from an IAP-integrated app:

  1. Log in to your Samsung Seller Office commercial seller account.
  2. Select your IAP-integrated app:

    1. In the menu bar, click Applications > My applications

    2. In the My Applications page, locate your app in the list.
    3. If your app has not been submitted for distribution approval:
      1. Click its Registration Status:
      2. In the Add New Application page, click the In App Purchase menu tab.
    4. If your app has been approved for distribution:
      1. Click your app's Update
        Note:  It is recommended that you do NOT click your app's For Sale when updating.

      2. In its Edit Application page, click the In App Purchase menu tab
  3. Delete the in-app item:
    1. In your app's In App Purchase page:


      1. Navigate to the in-app item, and click its [Delete Checkbox] in the Item Title field  Item_Delete_Checkbok.png
      2. In the delete popup notice:
        CAUTION:    You cannot undo this action.
        1. Click Yes
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