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Samsung Developer Program

Register In-App Items in Bulk

At one time, you can register, but not update, one or more consumable, non-consumable, and non‑recurring subscription in-app items to your IAP-integrated app via a provided Excel spreadsheet.
You can register in-app items in bulk before your IAP-integrated app has been submitted for certification or after it has passed or failed certification. You cannot specify local prices or purchase options for different countries via the spreadsheet; however, you can do this via the Seller Office UI after individual in‑app items have been registered in bulk.

To register many in-app items in bulk:

  1. Log in to your Samsung Seller Office commercial seller account.
  2. Select your IAP-integrated app:

    1. In the menu bar, click Applications > My applications

    2. In the My Applications page, locate your app in the list.
    3. If your app has not been submitted for distribution approval:
      1. Click its Registration Status:
      2. In the Add New Application page, click the In App Purchase menu tab.
    4. If your app has been approved for distribution:
      1. Click your app's Update
        Note:  It is recommended that you do NOT click your app's For Sale when updating.

      2. In its Edit Application page, click the In App Purchase menu tab
  3. Download the bulk in-app item registration Excel spreadsheet:
    1. In the In App Purchase page, click Item Bulk Upload

    2. Click Download Excel Form
    3. Locally save the form.
  4. Fill out and upload the spreadsheet:
    1. Fill in the spreadsheet with the required field information for each new in-app item:


      With the indicated information for each new in-app item on 1 row.
      With the required field entries in each column.
      For details about filling in each cell for an in-app item, follow step 3.b. of the procedure
      To individually register an in-app item for an IAP-integrated app:

    2. Locally save the filled-in spreadsheet.
    3. Upload the filled-in spreadsheet to Seller Office:
      1. In the Item Bulk Upload popup window:
        1. Click Browse
        2. Navigate to and highlight the filled-in spreadsheet and click Open
        3. Verify the correct file is ready for upload.
        4. Click Upload
      2. In the popup notice, click Yes
      3. If an upload issue notice is displayed:
        1. Note the issue and click OK
        2. Correct the spreadsheet information and upload again. Go to step 4.c. above.
    4. In the In App Purchase page, verify your in-app items are listed.
  5. Optional  To specify different local prices for different countries and/or make available user payment via their phone bill for an in-app item: 
    1. For each changed in-app item:
      1. In the In-App Purchase tab, navigate to the in-app item and click [its Item Title]
      2. In the Update Item popup window, click Mode: Advanced
      3. Follow step 3.c. of the procedure To individually register an in-app item for an IAP-integrated app:
      4. Click Save
  6. Make the new in-app item(s) available to your users:
    1. If your app has not been certified for distribution:
      1. Complete the registration of your app.
        NOTE:   After making entries for all required app fields, the Submit button turns red. 
      2. Submit your app and all of its in-app items to be certified for distribution.
        For details, see Seller Office Application Registration.
    2. If your app has already been certified for distribution, submit all of the new in-app items to be certified for distribution by clicking Submit


      The items will undergo certification for distribution by Samsung.