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Samsung Developer Program

Galaxy Apps Publishing

Galaxy Apps Publishing
Get your Android mobile device and Gear device apps (and their in-app items) and products to market in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store, and your VR apps in the Oculus app store.

The Samsung mobile ecosystem enables you to get the following apps and products to market via the Galaxy Apps store: 




Gear wearable device apps




Android apps for mobile devices

  • Can enhance their UX by integrating 1 or more Samsung SDKs (such as Galaxy SDKs)

  • Can sell in-app items 

  • Can provide users with Single Sign On via Samsung Account




Android products for mobile devices

To publish your apps and products in the Galaxy Apps store:

  1. Register your app or product with the Samsung Seller Office, which includes app binary files, product files, information, and graphic images and videos.

  2. If your app is selling in-app items, register the items to your app.

  3. Submit your app, its in-app items, or product for certification by the Samsung Seller Office team.

  4. After passing certification:

    • Your app or product is distributed to Galaxy Apps customers.

    • The sale of in-app items is enabled.

    • You manage their distribution, pricing, and your finances via Seller Office.

Additionally, you can get your Gear VR apps to market via the Oculus app store:


Gear VR apps that can use Gear 360 images.

For details about publishing your VR apps in the Oculus app store, see



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