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Samsung Developer Program

Badge Promotion

Put your customers one click away from buying your Android, Gear, and Theme product apps with a Galaxy Apps badge or a Theme Store badge

You can promote your Android apps, Gear apps, and Theme products by getting an app download URL, linking the URL to either a Galaxy Apps badge image or a Samsung Themes badge image, and displaying the badge in your marketing materials, which will send your customers to one of your product detail pages (all types of apps and products) or to your seller brand page (for Gear apps and Theme products). 

To see examples of how to use badge images and URLs on your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube websites, and other websites, see Badge Image and URL Uses.

For details about badge and other Samsung promotions of your apps, and how Samsung supports you with your own promotions, see Android App Promotion, Gear App Promotion, and Theme Product Promotion.



After you submit a request for an app download URL and provide app information, Samsung generates an app-sharing shortURL (badge URL). Download and use the most suitable badge image. 

You can insert the appropriate badge image in your marketing media and link it to your app download URL, or use the URL alone or with other graphics in:

  • Your websites
  • Your YouTube page
  • Mobile app advertisements
  • Your social media (including Facebook and Twitter)
  • Your free apps and their product descriptions
  • Your premium paid app promotions

 After your customers click a link that targets your badge URL, the resulting promotion depends on the user's device:

  • In a Samsung device browser, customers are taken to one of the following:
    • Your app's product detail page in the Galaxy Apps store.
    • Your entire product line page in the Samsung Themes store.
    • Your app's product detail page in the Samsung Themes store.
  • In a non-Samsung device or desktop browser, they are taken to a help page that explains how they can get to your product detail page.

Get, use, and manage badges and download URLs

You can submit a request to generate a badge URL, copy and use badge URLs, download and use badge images, submit a request to deactivate a badge URL, and review the status of and information about your requests and badges.

To get and use a Galaxy Apps or Themes Store badge for your app:

  • You must have an SDP account.
  • The app must be distributed through the Samsung Galaxy Apps or Themes Store.
  • If you need help with requesting or using badges, send us an email (
  1. Go to the SDP website (
  2. Log in to your SDP account.
  1. Create and submit a badge request:
    1. In the My Dashboard menu, click Galaxy Apps Badge.
    2. In the Generate App Download URL webpage:
      1. Request a badge URL:
        1. Complete the following:
          Seller Office Account Email Address * Email address of the Seller Office account to which the Android, Gear, or Theme product app is registered.
          App Name * Name of the Android, Gear, or Theme product app to which the badge URL will link.

          App Type *

          Type of application: 

          Android Android app that has integrated a Galaxy SDK or Samsung IAP, Edge panel app
          Gear Gear watch face app, Gear app (standalone or companion)
          Theme / Icon / Wallpaper Type of Theme app: wallpaper, theme, icon pack, or Always On Display (AOD)

          Package Name *

          For Android and Theme apps, the app's package name.

          For Gear apps, the app's AppID.

          Preferred TAG * A character set (consisting of three to nine alphanumeric characters) that is easy for your customers to type and will make your badge URL unique.

        2. Review, accept, or decline the badge terms and conditions:
          1. Click Terms & Conditions.
          2. Review the terms and conditions.
          3. If you agree:
            1. Checkmark By clicking on "Submit Request" you accept the Terms & Conditions.
            2. Review your badge information and click SUBMIT REQUEST.
      2. Download the appropriate badge image by clicking Download [badge type, image type, and file format].
  2. Your badge request is processed by the SDP team.
    1. Your badge request is added to Your Badges list with Review in Progress status (see below).
    2. The SDP team reviews your request and typically takes one business day to process it.
    3. If your request is rejected, the SDP team communicates through email with the Seller Office account holder and the SDP account holder to resolve the matter.
    4. If your request is accepted:
      1. Your submitted badge request in the Your Badges list changes to Active status.
      2. Your app's badge URL will be available in Your Badges list.
  3. Use your badge URL in your marketing media by itself or by using a badge image that links to your badge URL.

To manage your Galaxy Apps and Samsung Themes badge requests and badge URLs:

  • You have submitted badge requests.
  • You logged in and navigated to the Generate App Download URL webpage (see the procedure above).
  • If you need help with managing your badges, send us an email (

  1. In Your Badges list:
    1. Navigate to your badge request entry and review the following:
App Name  Name of the Android, Gear, or Theme product app


Badge URL generated for the app

You can copy and paste this badge URL and use it with or without a badge image or other image.

Total # of Clicks

Number of times users followed your badge URL link

Note: Users may have gone to your app's download page or to the badge help page.

Date Created Date (MM/DD/YYYY) of your request to generate the badge URL

Download HTML


After your badge URL has been generated, a link to  HTML code that displays your app's badge image that links to your app's badge URL

Click the link, copy the code, and insert the code where needed to display the badge image link.

Delete Badge

After your badge has been generated, a link to submit a request to deactivate your badge URL

Your badge URL remains active until the SDP team reviews and approves your request.


The current functional state of your badge request or badge URL: 

Review in Progress The badge URL generation request is being reviewed by the SDP team.
Active The badge URL has been generated and can be used.
Disabled by Admin The badge URL has been deactivated by the SDP team and cannot be used.

Deletion in Progress

A badge URL request has been made, and the request is being reviewed by the SDP team.  The badge URL can still be used 

When the deactivation request is approved, your badge listing is removed from Your Badges list.


  1. To use a badge URL by itself, copy the shortURL and add hyperlinks that target it in your marketing media.
  2. To use a badge image suitable for your app that is linked to your app's badge URL:
    1. Download the badge HTML code by clicking the badge Download HTML.
    2. Put the HTML code in your marketing media.
  3. To submit a request to deactivate a badge URL:
    1. Click the [Your badge listing] Delete Badge.
    2. Your Badges listing status changes to Deletion in Progress.
    3. The SDP team reviews the request and typically takes one business day to either grant or deny the request.
    4. If your request is denied, the SDP team communicates through email with the Seller Office account holder and the SDP account holder to try to resolve the matter.
    5. If your request is accepted:
      1. The badge URL is deactivated and cannot be used.
      2. The badge URL tag is then made available for use by others and by you.
      3. Your Badges listing is removed.
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