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Samsung Developer Program

Promote Your Apps

Samsung promotes your apps in the Samsung Galaxy Apps (Android apps and Gear apps) and Samsung Theme Store (Theme apps).  Samsung helps you promote your apps outside Samsung apps stores in your marketing and media channels.

Promotion in Samsung App Stores

Galaxy Apps and Samsung Themes stores promote your apps and products through a wide variety of methods. 

For all apps and products:

  • You establish the contents of their product detail page by registering app/product information, graphic images and videos via Seller Office, and linking them to supporting resources.
  • Samsung editorial teams for the Galaxy Apps and Samsung Themes stores determine which category group pages the apps and products are to be available in.

Samsung editorial teams for the Galaxy Apps and Samsung Themes stores select apps and products to be:

  • Promoted via banners (1-app/product, app/product groups, and/or events)
    Note:  You can request banner promotion of your apps and products.
  • Promoted via app/product group sets.

For selectMost are provided or available to all apps and products; some are available to apps and products that meet preset criteria (such as number of downloads), some are available upon developer request, and some are available upon Samsung editorial team selection.

Android App Promotion How Samsung markets your Android apps (apps that have integrated Samsung Galaxy SDKs and/or the Samsung In-App Purchase SDK).
Gear App Promotion How Samsung markets your Gear products (watch face apps and general apps).
Theme Product Promotion How Samsung markets your Theme products (wallpapers, themes, icon packs, and AODs).
Product Detail Page
Every app and product in the Galaxy Apps and Samsung Themes stores has a product detail page.  Samsung automatically builds your primary promotion pages from information, graphic images, and videos that you register with your app or product via Samsung Seller Office.

Banner Promotion

Banners are displayed in suitable Galaxy Apps and Samsung Themes store pages.  Banners typically increase daily downloads by 4 to 5 times.

Banners for 1 app or product link to its product detail page.  Multiple apps are made available in group pages based on content, current downloads, and selection.  A banner then links to each group page.

After you submit an SDP banner promotion request, your apps and products will be evaluated to determine if banner promotion is suitable.


Promotion in Your Own Marketing and Media Channels 

Samsung supports app promotions for all types of apps outside the Galaxy Apps and Samsung Theme stores using your marketing channels, such as websites, social media, and email.

Badge Promotion

Promote your Android and Gear apps by displaying a Galaxy Apps badge that sends your customers to your app's product detail page in the Galaxy Apps store.  

Promote your Theme product apps by displaying a Theme Store badge that sends your customers to your Theme product detail page or to your entire Theme product line page in the Theme Store.  

App Images

Promote your Android, Gear, and Theme product apps through your advertising channels, such as websites, email, and social media.

Deep Link Usage

Promote your Android, Gear, and Theme product apps by adding deep hyperlinks to your websites, your marketing channels and media, and your app or product code.

Download Discounts and Coupons

Register discounts and coupon codes so your customers benefit when they purchase or download your Android, Gear, and Theme product apps.


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