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Samsung Developer Program


Common issues you may encounter when using Cloud Device Farm (CDF) and their solutions or workarounds.

Device Usage

Problem Solution/Workaround

The device is not responding.

Try one or more of the following:

  • Verify your network connection.

  • Wait several seconds before trying your actions again. The connection to the device may have been temporarily interrupted.

  • Disconnect from the device and start a new session.

Response time is delayed.

Note: Currently, all devices in CDF are located in the United States. For users outside of the continental U.S., there may be a noticeable delayed response when using a device.

Try one or more of the following:

  • Verify your network connection.

  • Click Recent Apps and close any apps that you do not need.

  • Continue to use the device. The response time may improve during the current session.

  • Disconnect from the device and start a new session.

The message "Security policy prevents changing settings" displays when trying to access the Settings, Google™ Pay, or other app, or an app's settings.

For security purposes, you are not allowed to access this area on the mobile device.

Phone calls cannot be made and text messages cannot be sent.

These features are not available because the devices do not have SIM cards.

The device session expired or was disconnected before any uploaded apps, uploaded files, or pictures/videos taken during the session could be deleted.

When your session ends (if your session expires or you disconnect from the device), any apps or files you uploaded or any photos or videos you took during the session are deleted.

A Google account was used while testing the device. What happens to this information?

When your session ends (if you disconnect from the device or your session expires) or if you wipe the device, your Google login information is deleted.

The camera only displays a black screen.

For security purposes, the camera lens is obscured. However, you can still use the camera app.

The device does not respond to cursor swipes.

Make sure the cursor is on the device display before pressing the mouse button and swiping.

If the device still does not respond, try using the Swipe button in the side toolbar.

Nothing happens when the Rotate button is selected from the side toolbar.

Currently, this feature is not available.

Device Reservations

Problem Solution/Workaround

The desired device is not listed in the device list.

Verify in the Filter by section that the correct series is selected. Otherwise, the device is not available for testing.

The message "No free devices found at this time. Please try again later." displays after clicking the Reserve button.

All devices of this type are reserved. Try reserving the device at a later time.

The Device List does not refresh if all checkboxes are unselected in the Series filter.

The reservation process stalls if all checkboxes in the Series filter are unselected.

At least one item must be selected in the Series filter area.

The Tizen platform is not selectable.

Currently, only Android devices are available.

The Tablet series is not selectable.

Currently, only Galaxy series devices are available.

Launch or Log in to CDF

Problem Solution/Workaround

When CDF is launched, only a background pattern is displayed.

JavaScript is not enabled on your browser. Go to the options or settings in your browser and enable JavaScript.

CDF does not recognize my Samsung or Samsung Developers account credentials during login.

You must use your Samsung Developer Program account credentials to log in to CDF. This account is not the same as a Samsung account or Samsung Developers account.

If you do not have a Samsung Developer Program account, you can create a new Samsung Developer Program account (if you have an existing Samsung or Samsung Developers account, use the same email address when creating this account). If you do not remember if you have a Samsung Developer Program account or have forgotten your account information, you can use the Forgot password? link from the login page.


Problem Solution/Workaround

The log file saved on my personal computer is unreadable (no line breaks) in Notepad.

Use another editor, such as WordPad, to view the downloaded log file.

The log file display does not refresh or does not display any messages after entering another tag filter or selecting a priority filter.

If you are entering a tag filter, make sure you press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon to initiate the search. Otherwise, exit and re-enter the logs area and try filtering again.

The log file display does not refresh when entering a tag filter.

Be sure to press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon to initiate the search. Otherwise, exit and re-enter the logs area and try filtering again.

Internet Explorer (IE)

Problem Solution/Workaround

The message "Please use Chrome for best experience. We are working on IE support." is displayed.

Currently, the IE web browser is not supported. Use the latest version of the Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browser instead.


Problem Solution/Workaround

The Bixby button is not displayed in the sidebar menu of CDF.

The Bixby key is not available on the actual device. Therefore the Bixby button is not available in CDF.

The Bixby button is not responding.

The Bixby key may have been deactivated on the device. Do the following:

  1. On the device, go to the home screen.
  2. Long press on an empty section of the home screen (press and hold the mouse button for a few seconds before releasing it) then swipe to the right to bring up the Bixby Home card.
  3. Tap the Bixby Home card and follow the instructions to log in to Bixby Home using your Samsung account, if you are not already logged in.
  4. Click the gear icon to bring up the Bixby key toggle.
  5. Enable the Bixby key.
  6. Click the Bixby button in CDF. If the Bixby app closes, the Bixby key and button have been enabled.


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