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Samsung Developer Program

Actions Summary

A comprehensive list of all actions that can be performed in Cloud Device Farm (CDF).

Session history

The History area contains a list of videos of all test sessions you have completed in the last week, ordered by date and time the session occurred (the most recent session is on top). It can take 10 minutes or more after your session ends before the video is available for viewing or downloading.

To access the History area, click CDF_history_button.jpg. The History button is accessible from all areas of CDF.

Click on the date to display a screenshot of the video and additional actions.


Each video is kept for seven days, after which it is automatically deleted. The number of days left before the video is deleted is shown in red, under the trash can icon. You can view, download, or delete the video before the expiration date.



Opens or closes the History area.


Refresh the list of videos displayed in the History area.


Deletes all videos in the History area.


Deletes the associated video from the History area. Click twice to delete the video.


Options for viewing the video: the play/pause button, the time counter, and the slider.

The play button starts playing the video. When the video is playing, this button is replaced by the pause button to stop playing the video.

The time counter displays, in minutes and seconds (mm:ss), two time measurements. The first is the point in time where you are in the video and the second is the total video playing time.

The slider allows you to move to specific points in time in the video.


Displays the video in full screen mode.


Exits full screen mode. You can also use the Esc button to exit full screen mode.


Saves the video to your personal computer.

Device information


Device information appears at the top of CDF. It displays information about the device you are using and a timer counting down the amount of time you have available for testing, displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds (hh:mm:ss). The blinking red dot indicates an active session.

Device content management

Manage content on or disconnect from the device using the buttons that appear in the top menu bar of CDF.


Opens an active listing of the most recent messages generated by logcat. The log file may contain more messages than are visible in the display area. You can filter, download, and delete the contents of the log file.

See Debug an app for more information.


Immediately ends your session with the device. Any content you added to the device (such as any apps or files you uploaded, browser history, pictures or videos, and user credentials) is automatically deleted.


Uploads the app that you want to test on the device.

See Upload an App for more information.


Deletes content you added to the device, such as any apps or files you uploaded, browser history, pictures or videos, and user credentials.

Caution: This action cannot be undone.


Takes an image of the screen displayed on the device. You can take a screenshot, download a screenshot to your personal computer, or clear the screenshot from the display.

See Capture a screen for more information.

Device controls

Device controls appear in a side toolbar of CDF. They are a set of buttons that provide commonly used device functions.


Locks the device when the device is on.

Wakes up the device when the device is locked. On some devices, it will also unlock the device.


Displays the most recent apps used on the device.


Returns you to the home screen of the device.


Takes you back to the previous screen or app you were using.


Emulates swiping your finger across the display of the device in one of four directions, starting from the middle of the display. You can also hold down your mouse button and use the cursor to swipe across the display.


Increases or decreases the volume on the device.


Emulates the Bixby key which opens and closes Bixby Home. Bixby is a digital personal assistant for your mobile device.

This button is not available on all devices.

Note: Holding down this button does not access Bixby voice.


Rotates the position of the device between vertical and horizontal. Currently, unavailable to use.