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Bixby learns your routines, presents you with the right content and apps  at the right time, identifies photographed objects, and responds to your voice commands


The Bixby AI assistant:

  • Tracks your to-do list and presents what you need. 
  • Identifies landmarks and products that you capture with the device camera.
  • Understands you when you speak naturally.
  • Translate foreign languages.
  • Learns and adapts to you.

And now with the latest Galaxy S8 and S8+, Bixby is able to control system functions such as brightness and WiFi connections, and control Samsung's pre-installed apps, such as messaging, reminders, and camera functions. You can snap a picture of an object, and Bixby can identify it and get relevant information (e.g., links to Amazon and nearby restaurants and landmarks to visit). The Bixby home screen provides data cards that the AI assistant thinks are relevant, such as weather, news, and personal contacts. Bixby natural-language voice interfaces understand incomplete commands and, when necessary, prompt you for necessary details.

The Bixby AI assistant is implemented in the cloud and interacts with Samsung Knox to tie together your smart devices. Bixby eventually will connect with any smart device that has an Internet connection and simple circuitry to receive voice inputs: from Samsung smart appliances (such as air conditioners and TVs) and then to all of your home electronics—Samsung and others.

Note: Several Samsung mobile devices have been cleared by the National Security Agency for use by U.S. government officials. The U.S. Department of Defense approved Knox in May 2013.

For more details about Bixby features, see*Bixby*

For an introduction to using Bixby, see

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