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Samsung Developer Program

Specify Fundamental Aspects and Features of Your App

You specify fundamental aspects and features in your app's manifest file (Android app file), config.xml file (Gear Web apps), or Tizen manifest file (Gear Native apps).

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Description and Parameter Names

Basic Information

Minimum SDK level

When specified, the lowest API level supported by the binary file. When not specified, the default value is used:

Android manifest minSdkVersion or the default value 1
Gear config.xml required_version or the default value 1
Tizen manifest api-version or the default value 2.3.1

Package Name*


Application package name (Android apps) and application ID (Gear Web and Native apps):

Android manifest


package (text string, maximum length: 1000 characters)

See update conflict prevention information below.

Gear config.xml package (text string, maximum length: 1000 characters)
Tizen manifest package (text string, maximum length: 1000 characters)


For Android apps only, you must prevent conflicts for users updating your Android app published in Galaxy Apps when your Android app is also published in other app stores.

You can either:

  • Use a unique package name for your app published in the Galaxy Apps store.
    For example, your app com.myapp is published in another app store. You can register the same app as com.myapp.galaxy for the Galaxy Apps store.  
    App binaries with different package names can have the same code base. Package names can be changed by modifying the build settings.
  • Use a signing key for your app published in the Galaxy Apps store that is different from the signing keys for all other app stores.
    Because the package name does not change, there should not be any back-end dependency issues.
    Note: Keep track of all signing keys used for different app store versions of your app.
  • If neither of those methods is feasible, then submit an SDP help ticket. We will help you determine another method that you can use to differentiate your Galaxy Apps service app.

When you use either the unique package name or different signing key method:

  • There is no dependency on other app stores. Users who download your app from Galaxy Apps will receive app updates from only Galaxy Apps.
  • Your app version registered through Samsung Seller Office has to pass certification. After your app is approved, it will be distributed in the Galaxy Apps store.

Version Code*

Sequential numeric value of the service app code version:

Android manifest versionCode (integer, maximum length binary version: 1000)
Gear config.xml version (integer, maximum length binary version: 1000)
Tizen manifest version (integer, maximum length binary version: 1000)

Version Name*

Value of the service app code version, which is displayed in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.

Android manifest versionName (text string, format: no restrictions, maximum length: 1000 characters)
Gear config.xml Not used.
Tizen manifest Not used.
Additional Information


Whether or not the app supports the Voice over Internet Protocol:

Enable      The app supports VoIP.

Disable     Default The app does not support VoIP.


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