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Samsung Developer Program

Manifest Test

This test module subjects your app to 1 test case that determines all of the features specified in your app's manifest, and whether or not each feature is supported by the test device. 

Test results consist of the total number of features specified and how many are supported; and an attachment with device, app, specified feature data, and permissions requested by your app.

Test Sequence

  1. The test identifies and counts the features and the requested permissions that are specified in your app's manifest.
  2. For each specified feature, the test determines whether or not the test device supports the feature.

Test Results

The following results are available by clicking the Manifest_Test link in the Test Results Summary page (summary.xml), or by opening the Manifest_Test.xml file in the unzipped file directory. In the Test Module Results page, you can filter to show all or only those test cases that failed or were blocked.


Case ID

Unique name of the module's test case.


1. Determine the features specified in app manifest.

2. Verify if each specified feature is supported by test device.


Current state of testing the app via the test case:

Completed     All testing has finished.


Fundamental outcome of running the test case:

Passed        All specified features are supported by the test device.

Failed         1 or more specified features are not supported by the test device.

Blocked      An internet connection could not be established or the test device could not connect to the test server.


Information about the testing and test results
NOTE:  Each test results in only 1 of the following:

  • When the app passed, all [#] features specified in app manifest are supported by test device.
  • When the app failed, [#] features are not supported by test device out of [#] features specified in app manifest.


Data File

Files with test case results data and information:

Log or Attachment         Link to attachment (see the following example)

Test Attachment

Upon test completion, the test result attachment file  ManifestValidation_appCompatibility_hardware_compatibility.txt is generated and available via the Data File link.


Date / time

Date and time (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) that the reported test results were determined by AAT testing.

Device Model

Model designation of the test device.

Device Software Version

Version of the Android software (Baseband version) installed in the test device.

Device OS version

Version of the Operating System installed in the test device.

App Name

Name of your app package.

App Version Name

Version name of your app.

App Version Code

Version code of your app.

Required Hardware Features

Number of specified features that must be supported by the test device for the app to device.

Not Supported Features

Number of specified features that are not supported by the test device.

Required Hardware Features

Information about the specified features that are required to be supported by the test device:

Hardware Features Required by App Name of the feature.
Device Support Status of Features Whether the feature is supported or not supported by the test device.

Permissions Requested by App:

Permissions specified in the app's manifest.

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