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Samsung Developer Program

AAT Tests and Test Results


You can submit your app to 1 or more of the AAT tests.  AAT test results are typically available within 30 minutes. 

After AAT testing is complete:

  • You will be notified via an email that contains a link to download the test results zip file.
  • Your AAT test ticket status changes to pending.
  • At any time (even after you close the AAT ticket), in the comments section of the SDP Ticket Details webpage, you can copy the test results URL, and download the test results zip file via a browser.
  • You can unzip the file locally, navigate to and open the summary.xml file to review the test results.
  • In the summary, you can follow links to all other requested AAT test results and their log files.
  • In your AAT ticket before you close it, you can post and see reply comments from AAT technicians.


AAT Test Purposes and Test Results

NOTE:  If testing is interrupted, a test module may or may not provide partial results.

Application Manager Test

  • Verify that your app can be successfully installed on the test device and log installation events.
  • Verify that your app can be successfully uninstalled from the test device.
  • Report whether installation was successful; and if so, whether or not uninstallation was successful.
  • Provide a log of installation events (specific to test device).

IAP Test

  • Determine whether or not IAP billing permission string(s) for the Galaxy Apps and/or Google Play app stores are specified in your app manifest; and if specified, whether or not they are valid.
  • For each valid string, determine whether or not your app integrated IAP functionality for the associated app store.
  • Report whether the sale of IAP items is supported by 1 or both app store versions of your app.

Manifest Test

  • Determine the features specified in your app's manifest.
  • Verify whether or not each specified feature is supported by the test device.
  • Report the number of features specified and the number supported.
  • Provide an attachment with device, app, and feature data.

Memory Consumption Test

  • Measure heap memory usage during tested app activities and idle modes.
  • Measure suspected memory leakage after garbage collection.
  • Determine and log heap size, heap allocation, heap free, and total suspected memory leakage for tested app activities and logged memory events.
  • Determine and log total suspected memory leakage.
  • Report whether or not memory usage and suspected leakage was measured.
  • Provide memory usage data via graphs and data.
  • Provide suspected leakage data via Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT) (

Merchandizing Requirements Test

  • Determine whether or not your free or paid app is available and can be downloaded to the test device from Galaxy Apps.
  • Determine whether or not your free or paid app is available from Google Play, and if your free app can be downloaded to the test device.
  • When your app is available in both app stores, determine whether or not your app's version codes and signature keys are the same in both app stores.
  • Report app store availability, and code and key comparisons.
  • Provide an attachment with device, app, and comparison data.

Monkey Test

  • Subject your app to randomly selected input events from 5 different types of unit tests. 
  • Monitor and log input and resulting events. 
  • If your app crashes or does not respond to 1 unit test, your app fails. 
  • If your app passes responds and continues operation after 1000 unit tests, your app passes.
  • Report whether your app passed or failed.
  • Provide a log of input and response events.

Power Consumption Test

  • Monitor and measure test device battery power usage during the test, which covers tested app activities and idle modes.
  • Report whether or not power usage was measured.
  • Provide an attached graph of minimum and average current (amps) over the duration of the test (milliseconds).  


NOTE: Currently, this test module can be run for the following test devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, model SM-G935T, OS v6.0
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4, model SM-N910P, OS v6.0.1


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