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Samsung Developer Program

Initiate AAT Testing

To request that your Android app undergo one or more AAT tests, submit an Automated App Testing request ticket through the SDP ticketing website.

After submission, you can review your ticket. After AAT testing is completed (typically within 30 minutes), you can review the AAT test results.

To submit an Android app for AAT testing:

Prerequisite: The requester must have a Samsung Developer Program (SDP) account.

  1. Sign in to the SDP support request ticketing website:
    1. In a browser, navigate to the SDP home page for AAT testing (

    2. Click Login.
    3. In the Login overlay:
      1. Enter your SDP account Username and Password.
      2. Click SIGN IN.
    4. In the SDP home page, click Your Account > Current Tickets.

  2. Submit your app for AAT testing:

    2. In the New Tickets page, select Please choose your issue below/Automated Application Request.

You can make your app available for testing through either of the following application sources:

  • Sideload your app's APK file by uploading it from your local network.
  • Download your app's package that is distributed in the Galaxy Apps or Google Play store.
SDP_Create_Ticket_Page_Sideload.png       SDP_Create_Ticket_Page_Download_2.png
Create Ticket Page for a Sideloaded APK File Create Ticket Page for a Downloaded App


  1. In the Create Ticket page:
    1. Enter, select, or ensure the following:

Please select your request type

Automated Application Request
NOTE:  Do NOT change this entry.


Contact Phone number

Telephone number where you want to be contacted about your test request



Title of the support request ticket



Brief explanation and details of the test request


Device Model

User device model that your app is to be tested on


OS-Build Number

Name and build number of the device model operating system that your app is to be tested on


Testing Modules

Checkmark 1 or more AAT tests to be run.



Application Source

Select the source of your application:

Sideload attached APK file

                   Upload the specified file from your local network.

Download application package from Galaxy Apps store

                   Load the specified package from the specified app store.

Download application package from Google Play store

                   Load the specified package from the specified app store.


Application Package Name

When downloading your app from an app store, your app's package name registered with the selected app store


  1. When Application Source (Sideload attached APK file), attach your app's APK file to the request:
    1. Click Attach File
    2. Navigate to and select your app's APK file.
  2. Click Submit
  3. In the ticket submission popup, review the information and click Close
  1. In your email application:
    1. Ensure you receive a Support / Service Request Acknowledgement email from
      Samsung <>.
      This email indicates that your request was successfully registered, and AAT testing will commence.  After completion of AAT testing, you will receive a notification email; you can then review the test results. 
    2. If you do not receive the email, contact SDP to get help (
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