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Samsung Developer Program

Generate and Manage Paid Android App Coupons

You can support your promotions for paid Android apps by having Samsung generate coupon codes, and sending them to potential customers, who redeem them to download your paid app for free.


You can generate up to 1,000 coupon codes (also referred to as coupons and vouchers) for each paid Android app that is distributed in Galaxy Apps and is not currently suspended, terminated, being updated, or has a discount applied.

  • During coupon registration, you specify:
    • One or more countries (that the paid app is being distributed to) where customers can redeem coupons.
    • For each country, the maximum number of coupons that can be redeemed by customers in the country.
      Note:  Whenever there are fewer than 1,000 coupon codes with the status 'Waiting' or 'Usable' for all countries, you can change the maximum number for any country, up to a maximum of 1,000 for all countries.
    • Start date (any time in the future) and end dates (up to 28 days after the start date) when the coupon can be redeemed.
      Note:  Coupons can become invalid before the end date (see below).
  • During coupon distribution, developers must:
    • Manage sending coupon codes to users (for example, in their marketing emails or through their app UI).
    • Provide customers with information about how a coupon affects purchases.
  • Coupon redemption:
    • Each coupon can be redeemed:
      • When the coupon code is valid (with the 'Usable' status) at the time of redemption.
      • By one customer who is in one the countries specified during coupon registration.
      • While the coupon code remains valid:
        • After the waiting period (typically 24 hours after generation).
        • Before the valid coupon end date.
        • Unless the developer updates the registration information or terminates the distribution of the coupon's app.
        • Unless Samsung suspends the distribution of the coupon's app.



To generate paid app coupons:

  • The status of the paid app must be 'For Sale' in Seller Office.
  • Step 1 (login) must be completed before any other step is started or continued.
  • The other steps can be started, saved, continued, or completed in any order.
  • After some actions, an information popup that requires clicking a button is displayed.
  • Info popup steps are not indicated in this procedure.
  1. Log in to your Samsung Seller Office account:
    1. In your browser, navigate to the Samsung Seller Office website.
    2. If necessary, log in to your Seller Office account with your Samsung account email ID and password.
      Note: You are automatically logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  2. Click Applications > Coupon.


  1. To generate a new coupon for one or more apps:
    Note: Coupons can only be generated for apps that are in the Sale status and are not currently being updated.
    1. Click Add New Coupon.
    2. Enter the following required and optional information in the app default language or in English where specified:

Application Title *

Title name of the commercially distributed app that the discount is to be applied to the download payment price in the Galaxy Apps Store. You can enter all or part of the app name. The search is not case-sensitive.

Click Search Application.

Specify one or more search criteria:



Root-level category and subcategory assigned to the app.





Search apps in any category or subcategory.




 [Category name]

Search apps in the specified category/subcategory.


Content ID 

Unique identifier assigned to the app.


Registered Date

After the specified start date or before the specified end date or between the specified start and end dates.

Number of coupons per country *

Countries where coupons are issued and redeemable and the number of coupons that have been issued.

Coupons can be used only in the country where they are issued. Coupons can only be redeemed by users who are in a listed country and if the number of issued coupons is at or below the maximum number of redemptions at the time of redemption.

Each time the corresponding application version of the issued coupons is updated (Revision), the coupons can be reissued.

Unissued coupons of previous versions will be expired and not be cumulated.

Coupon Period *

Starting date and ending date that the coupon can be redeemed.

If the app is suspended, terminated, or updated within the coupon period, all coupons will no longer be redeemable.

If the coupon is canceled or removed within the coupon period, all coupons will no longer be redeemable, but previously issued coupons will be redeemable during the coupon period.


[Start Date] 

Date app price discount begins at midnight (00:00:00 local time).

Start date must be at least one day after the coupon is registered.

Note: Registration may take up to 24 hours after clicking Issue, after which the coupon status will go from Waiting to Usable.

  End Date 

Date app price discount begins at midnight (24:00:00 local time). End date can be the start date or up to four weeks later.

Note: To change a date, click the Calendar icon.

  1. In the app list, navigate to and click the App button of one or more apps to which the discount is to be applied.
  2. Click Issue.
    Note: You are responsible for issuing coupons to your customers.

Search for Coupons

Note: To display all registered coupons, do not perform this step.

Refer to the following table when entering search criteria:


Display coupons either not restricted by buyer's country or restricted to the specified buyer's country.



Coupons regardless of their buyer's country.


[Country name]

Coupons that will be, are, or were redeemable in the specified country.

Coupon Status

Display coupons either not restricted by coupon state or restricted to the specified state:



Coupons regardless of their current status.



 Coupons that are not yet redeemable, but will be redeemable later.



Coupons that are currently redeemable.



Coupons that have stopped being redeemable.



Coupons that have stopped being redeemable.



Coupons that were redeemed by app buyers.


Display coupons either not restricted by any date or restricted by the type of time period and after the specified start date or before the specified end date or between the specified start and end dates:


[Time Type]        Basis of time period:





Any of the types below.



Coupon period 




Usable date 

When coupon is applicable.



Expiration Date:

When coupon applicability ended.


[Start date] 

(Left field) Comments on and after midnight of the specified date (MMM, dd, yyyy 00:00:00 AM/PM local time).


[End date] 

(Right field) Comments on and before midnight of the specified date (MMM, dd, yyyy 24:00:00 AM/PM local time).


To enter a start or end date, either directly enter a date or click the field's Calendar icon.

Application Title

Display coupons either not restricted by app or restricted to coupons registered to either all or a contiguous part of the specified app name.

The search does not depend on capitalization.

  1. Specify the search criteria.
    Note: Apps currently being updated are not listed.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click Search.

Review Coupon Information and Status

  1. To display the total number of coupons that meet the specified search criteria (whether or not they are currently displayed), click Total Count.
  2. To highlight the next app listed, click Next.
  3. To highlight the previous app listed, click Previous.
  4. To create a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet of returned coupons, click Excel.
  5. To view other pages of apps, click Page.
  6. To sort the listing based on app title (A-to-Z or Z-to-A), click [Application Title sort icon].
  7. For each displayed coupon, review the following:

Application Title

 Name of the app for which the coupon can be redeemed.


Name of the distribution country in which the coupon can be redeemed.

Coupon Code 

Unique identifier of the coupon, issued by Seller Office.

Note: This code must be provided to an app or Samsung Galaxy Apps Store user so they can specify this code during purchase.

Usable dates 

Starting date (MMM dd, yyyy at midnight (00:00:00 local time) that the coupon can be redeemed.

Expiration Date

Ending date (MMM dd, yyyy) that the coupon stops being applied at midnight  (24:00:00 local time).

Remaining days

Number of days from now when the coupon stops being redeemable.

Coupon Status 

Current operational state of the coupon:



Coupon is not yet redeemable but will be later.



Coupon is currently redeemable.



Coupon has stopped being redeemable.



Coupon has stopped being redeemable.



 Coupon was redeemed by an app buyer.

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