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Samsung Developer Program

Sales Summary


For any month with sales of your paid app and in-app items, you can review: the purchase amounts, cancelations, revenue, estimated deductions, and your estimated earnings (in local currency and USD). You can also generate a sales summary spreadsheet.

In summaries, data is grouped by country and sub-grouped by payment method. In detail popups, data is grouped by country and sub-grouped by purchase type (app or in-app item). 

Reported sales amount, cancelation, and revenue data are generated from actual purchases and cancelations that occurred during the reported month. However after the reported month, purchases may be canceled or settled after payment finalization.  Reported fees and accounting amounts are estimated based on expected fees and average accounts receivable, which may differ from the actual fees and amounts that result when the purchases are settled. Cancelations result in no fees or amounts accruing from purchases.

The report also lists the type of financial business agreement, determined by each country, that governs the relationship between you, Samsung, and third-party sale processing entities.

Note: Purchase and revenue data is updated daily. Your earnings equal your sales revenue amounts minus applicable fees (including European Union VAT, Samsung commission, and other fees).


To review a monthly sales summary

  • Data is included for apps with a 'For Sale', 'Suspended',  'Beta Deployed', or 'Beta Suspended' status, for apps that were normally released, suspended, and then deleted, and for apps that were beta released, suspended, and then terminated. 
  • Data is included starting at 00:00:00 GMT on the first day and ending at 24:00:00 GMT on the last day of the selected month. All purchases are recorded at the user's local time.
  • Purchase and revenue data are updated daily.
  • After some actions, a popup requires clicking a button. Popup steps are not indicated in this procedure.
  1. Log in to Seller Office (  and click Accounting > Sales Summary.
    Note: You are automatically logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

  2. Generate a summary.
    1. Specify the time period:

      Monthly Sales Summary 

      Calendar year and month (yyyy-mm)

      Click the [Calendar icon], select the year and month, and click Choice.

    2. Click Result.
    3. To create a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet, click Excel.
    4. To view other summary pages, click Page.
  3. Review the report data.


Business Type

Kind of business arrangement among you, Samsung, and supporting third-party entities:

Agent - You sell your apps and in-app items to your customers. You are responsible for reporting and paying the European Union value added tax (VAT). Samsung Electronics charges you a commission.

Commissionaire - Samsung buys your apps and in-app items from you. Samsung sells them to customers. Samsung reports and pays the European Union VAT, which is deducted from your income.

In countries with Commissionaire business agreements, the adjusted amounts do not include taxes, which you are responsible for paying. In all other countries, adjusted amounts do include taxes.

Country Distribution country with one or more paid app and/or in-app item purchases

Payment Method

How the customer paid for the purchases

Supported payment methods include: credit card, premium SMS, carrier billing, Micropayment, PayPal®, cyber cash, Qiwi (Russia only), WebMoney (Japan only), and pre-paid card (China only). 

Sales Amount

Total amount (Selling Price times Sales Count, see detailed report below) of all paid app and in-app item purchases

Note: Customers and other entities can later stop purchase payment.

Canceled Total of all purchases stopped by the customer or other entities
Sales Revenue Sales Amount - Canceled amount


Estimated total of applicable Samsung commission and all applicable purchase processing charges

The Samsung commission includes the local revenue share and service charge. Transaction fees include VAT and PG commission. Actual fees that result when the purchases are settled may be different from the estimated fees.

Accounting Amount

Your estimated earnings from all purchases that were not canceled

Estimated earnings = Sales Amount - Canceled - Estimated Fees

Actual earnings that result when the purchases are settled may be different from the estimated earnings.

Depending on the applied tax rate of a country and the fee levied by a phone carrier, you may generate lower net income from phone bill payments than from credit card payments. 

It may take up to six months for some phone carriers to conclude phone bill settlements. Therefore, the sales summaries show preliminary values based on expected fees and average accounts receivable, which may differ from the actual settled amounts. 

Accounting Amount (USD)

Your estimated earnings in U.S. dollars

Actual earnings that result when the purchases are settled may be different from the estimated earnings.

For the accounting amount of each individual sale, its USD equivalent is based on the exchange rate at the time of the sale. Account Amount (USD) is the total of the individual USD equivalents.



  1. To see a detailed report for a table row, click [country name].

    In the example above, the first line is for 1 app purchase for a Galaxy A3 device, and the second line is for 1 in-app item purchase.
    1. Review each line for either paid app download sales or in-app item sales:
      Except for the following, all other data is the same as Sales Summary data.
      Application Title of your app



      Type of purchase:

      [Device group name] - Purchases of the paid app for a device in the device group 
      A device group can contain one or many device models.

      [Blank cell] - Purchases of all in-app items offered by the app

      Selling Price

      Total amount of purchases

      Sales Count

      Total number of purchases authorized by the customer

      One purchase is for one paid app, or one in-app item.

      Cancel Count Total number of purchases that were stopped by customers or other entities

    2. To close the popup, click its X-icon.



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