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Samsung Developer Program

Manage Your Apps and Products


To search for, review summary data, and change the processing status of apps and products:


  1. Go to the Samsung Seller Office website
  2. Click the Log in button at the top-right corner of the screen. 
  3. Log in to your Samsung Seller Office account with your Samsung account email ID and password. 
  4. Click Log in. The main Seller Office screen is shown. 


  1. From the Seller Office Home screen, go to Applications > My Applications.

All your service apps are displayed, along with their current status (Registration, Certification, or Sale).

  1. To search for a specific app or type of app:
    1. Select your desired search criteria:



All   All of the states and their sub-states below.
  All All sub-states in this state.
  Registering Information is being entered.
  Re-Registering After being submitted, information is being changed and/or entered.
  Pre-Certification Registered, submitted, and being evaluated by pre-certification automated processing.
  All All sub-states in the state.
  Device Test  
  Content Review  
  Ready For Sale  
  Ready For Change  
  All All sub-states in the state.
  For Sale Being distributed in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.
  Suspended NOT being distributed in the Galaxy Apps Store, but certified and registered in Seller Office.

Application Type 

OS and platform supported by the service app:

Android Google™ Linux®-based open-source OS for mobile devices.
Gear Tizen™ Linux-based OS for Gear mobile devices.
bada (ocean or sea) Samsung open-source OS for Wave mobile devices.
All Type All of the above types.
Content ID Service app identifier issued by Samsung Seller Office.
Application Title Service app title name.


  1. Click Search

For all service apps either restricted by search criteria or not or currently displayed or not:


Total Count

Number of registered service apps that are listed (whether or not they are currently displayed).


  1. To view the returned service apps by type, select the corresponding tab—All, Registering, Certification, Sale, or Rejected.
    Note:  The Rejected tab only appears if you have a service app that has been rejected.

Content ID

Service app identifier issued by Samsung Seller Office.

Application Title

Icon, title name, and functional icons of the service app.

Note: Service app titles are displayable in Samsung Galaxy Apps Store listings.

Each title is unique among ALL titles currently registered in ALL Seller Office accounts (yours and others) for EACH platform type. Duplicate titles can be registered for Android™ and Gear platform service apps. Duplicate titles can be used for Tencent service apps that are distributed in China.

A title can be reused after a previously registered service app has been terminated.


Type of service app distribution and the standard USD price of commercially distributed service apps:

Free :            The service app can be downloaded from the Galaxy Apps Store without a user payment.

USD ($):       The service app can be downloaded from the Galaxy Apps Store after the user makes a payment.

The listed price is the standard USD price in United States of America dollars. This price and the current daily rate of exchange for each country determine the default country-specific prices, which can be overridden by other factors.  

Each country-specific price can also be set by the user, a country minimum price, or a carrier tier price (when phone bill payment is applied).

For each distribution country, the price displayed in the Galaxy Apps Store that the user must pay in the local currency to download a commercial service app is the country-specific price at the time of the transaction.


Current processing status of the service app:

Registration: Service app information is currently being entered in the Seller Office.

Certification: The service app is currently being evaluated for distribution.

Sale: The service app is currently being distributed, either freely or commercially, in the Galaxy Apps Store.

Last Updated

Date: (local time and format) service app data was most recently changed.


  1. To generate a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet of all listed service apps (whether or not they are displayed), click Excel
  2. To review, but not change, the registered details of a listed service app:
    1. If necessary to display the service app, click Page
    2. Click [Its Status]
    3. Follow To review and change details of a registered service app
  3. To change the processing of or information about an app or product:

    Note: The available actions depend on the current service app status.

    1. To change the information, binary files, items, prices, icons, and/or screenshots of a service app:

      1. BEFORE a service app is submitted: Follow To register a service app in the Samsung Seller Office Service Application Registration Guide.

      2. AFTER a service app has been submitted:

        1. Click [Its Update]

        2. Follow To review and change details of a registered service app.

    2. To stop the certification of a service app but keep it registered in Seller Office AFTER it has been submitted and BEFORE it is assigned Sale status:

      1. Click [Its Cancel]

    3. To restart the certification of a service app, follow To submit a registered service app for certification in the Samsung Seller Office Service Application Certification Guide.

    4. To temporarily stop Samsung Galaxy Apps Store distribution but keep Seller Office registration:

      1. Click [Its Suspend]

    5. To completely remove a service app from Seller Office registration and Galaxy Apps Store distribution:

      1. BEFORE a service app is submitted OR BEFORE it passes, click [Its Delete]

    6. For service apps in the Sale state:

      1. Click [Its Suspend]

      2. Click [Its Terminate]

      3. Follow To suspend and terminate a registered service app.



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