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Samsung Developer Program

Registration Prerequisites

Registration Prerequisites

To register your service app and its in-app items:

  • Apps and in-app items must be designed and developed to meet Seller Office policies, requirements, and guidelines prerequisites.
    For details, see the Seller Office Overview section.
  • Obtain the following, if applicable:
    • Any service application binary files.
    • Image files: icon (PNG), four to eight screenshots (JPG, PNG), issued age rating certificates (JPG, PNG, or GIF).
    • URLs: Open Source license, service application privacy policy, YouTube™ video, user support site.
    • Email addresses: service application user support, those notified of changes in service application registration.
    • Name of copyright holder.
    • Supported languages and video resolutions.
    • Information needed to make appropriate field entries.
  • When required, registration information must be specified in English or in the default language.
  • Any application binary files must meet the following requirements:
    • For all binary files:

      • The filename must not contain spaces or special characters, but it can contain underscores.

      • The filename must be unique among all binary files registered to the same service application.

    • For Android™ binary files:

      • The version code must be specified as an integer in the AndroidManifest.xml file.

      • There must not be duplicate version codes among all versions of the same registered binary file.

    • For Gear binary files:

      • The filename must not contain spaces or special characters, but it can contain underscores.
      • A general binary file cannot be registered after selecting the Gear platform.
        The .tpk and .wgt file types cannot be registered at the same time.
      • When registering two or more binary files, all must support the same Gear App type.
      • Companion Gear app binary files must include a deeplink for the companion Host app.
    • For Edge binary files:

      • Edge binaries can be registered regardless of Seller Office account type (free or commercial); however, general binary files cannot be registered at the same time.


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