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Samsung Developer Program

Add Your Applications

To start your app publishing career, you register your app binary files, graphics, and related information in Seller Office.

After adding apps, the Seller Office My Application page let's you quickly determine the status and important details of your apps, and manage the app actions you  perform. From inside your apps, you can also add, register, and manage in-app items when offered.

Adding your applications are simply the first steps in registering them in Seller Office. 

Log in to Seller Office ( and click Add New Application.



Select your type of app: Android app (or Edge app), Gear app (or Gear watch face app), or Theme app.

Select the default language you will use to enter app information.

Enter and save app and in-app item information and components (including binary files and graphics).  You can take any amount of time to complete registration.

For details, see Register Your Applications and In-App Items.


Manage Your Apps and In-App Items

After you have started registering your apps and in-app items, you can temporarily suspend and return to complete their registration in Seller Office. After that, you submit them for validation testing. After they pass and are distributed through the Galaxy Apps, Gear Store (section of Galaxy Apps), or Samsung Themes app stores, you can promote your apps, review your customer downloads in the distribution countries, change pricing and distribution, and review your finances.

The My Applications page is your quick management tool to do all that.

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