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Samsung Developer Program

Country Distribution

For free and paid apps, the countries that the apps can be distributed to may differ from the countries you select in Seller Office.


Automatically Added Distribution Countries

During app registration and updating, in the Country & Pricing tab, you can checkmark 'When SAMSUNG Galaxy Apps becomes available in more countries or with more payment options, your applications will automatically be sold in those countries.'

When a new country becomes available for distribution, your app will be available for download by the new country users. If the app integrates In-App Purchase and has in-app items, the Samsung ecosystem supports the offering and sale of the items.


Excluded Distribution Countries

If you select countries where your app cannot be distributed to, the countries will be automatically excluded, but your app will be distributed to all other countries.

The following countries are excluded under the following conditions:

  • All countries where the Galaxy Apps or Samsung Themes app store is not available.
  • All countries where all of the mobile devices that support your app are not available.
  • For Android apps that integrate the following versions of Samsung IAP, the indicated countries are affected:
    • IAP version below 2.0: United States of America is excluded.
    • IAP version 1.9 and below: South Korea is excluded.
    • IAP version below 1.8:
      • Countries in the PSMS Only Tier are excluded.
      • Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Jordan, and Egypt are excluded.
    • IAP version 1.0 or lower: China is excluded.

The indicated countries are excluded when the following conditions are met.

Excluded Country

Field / Subfield: (Setting)

Additional Condition

China Add binary / [Binary file upload] popup / GMS: (Yes)  
China Only Google™ Playstation information is set in the Companion (Host) deep link. The app is a Gear app.


Country (USA)


Pan-Latin, Pan-Africa,
Pan-Africa (French), and
Global Free countries 

Price*: (Paid)


Pan-Latin, Pan-Africa,
Pan-Africa (French), and
Global Free countries 
  One or more app binary files with VOIP=YES

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain

Age Restriction*: (18+)


South Korea

Category / General: (Game)
or Category / Galaxy: (Games)


Rating Certificate for Available Countries / Age Restriction / GRB: (18+)

If a GRB certificate with an 18+ age rating is not registered.

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