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Samsung Developer Program

Register a Single In-App Item

Before or after getting distribution approval for your Android IAP-integrated app and its in-app items, you can register new in‑app items one at a time.

Note: You cannot register new in-app items while your app is undergoing certification.

To individually register an in-app item for an IAP-integrated app:

  • Ensure that an IAP-integrated Android binary file has been registered to your app. After some actions, a notice popup window is displayed that requires clicking a button (such as OK). Notice that popup steps are not indicated in this procedure.
  • To see help text, hover the mouse over a field's Comments icon Comments_Icon.png, click Show Tip: On (info tips for all fields), or toggle-click an individual field's Info Tip icon Info_Icon.png .
  1. Log in to Samsung Seller Office through your commercial seller account.
  2. Select your IAP-integrated app:
    1. In the menu bar, click Applications > My applications


    2. In the My Applications page, locate your app in the list.
    3. If your app has not been submitted for distribution approval:
      1. Click its Registration Status:


      2. In the Add New Application page, click the In App Purchase menu tab: IAP_Add_New_App_Page_Red_Submit_update.jpg
    4. If your app has been approved for distribution:
      1. Click your app's Update.
        Note: We recommend that you do not click your app's For Sale option when adding items.


      2. In its Edit Application page, click the In App Purchase menu tab.
  3. Register an in-app item:
    Note: Your in-app item must meet Samsung validation guidelines.
    1. In the In App Purchase panel, click Add Item.
    2. Enter or update the in-app item information:
      Note: Enter all information in English.

Item ID

Identifier of the in-app item (English letters, numbers, and certain special characters [period, dash, and underscore]) that is unique among all item IDs in the item group

  • After entering a proposed ID, click Check.
  • If a notice is displayed, click OK and enter and check a different ID.

Caution: After item registration, the item ID cannot be changed.

Item Title

Name of the in-app item (English letters, Korean letters, numbers, spaces, and certain special characters  [period, dash, and underscore], fewer than 100 bytes) unique among all item names in the item group

Users can see the item title in the Samsung Unified Payment window when they purchase in-app items.

Item Type

Type of in-app item:

Caution: After item registration, the item type cannot be changed.


Item can be purchased one or more times, remains effective or available in the app until it is used, after which it becomes ineffective or unavailable (such as in-game coins, food, or potions).


Supported by IAP v2.0 and above

Item needs to be purchased only once to remain effective or available in the app at all times, even after deletion and re-installation of the app (such as a more difficult race course or a premium upgrade of the user's account).


Supported by IAP v2.0 and above

Item can be purchased one or more times and remains effective or available in the app during the subscription period (Duration) after each purchase (such as enhancements for the user's game character or images for each day of one month).

After initial purchase or free trial, an auto-recurring purchase is applied. Samsung IAP provides a monthly subscription, such as a monthly magazine.


For non-recurring subscription items only, the length of time (1, 3, 6, or 12 months) from the purchase date that the item is effective or available to the user

Caution: After item registration, the duration cannot be changed.

Payment Cycle

For auto-recurring subscription items only, the length of time (one month only) from the purchase date that the item is effective or available to the user for each subscription period


Free Trial Period

For auto-recurring subscription items only, the length of time (30, 60, or 90 days) from the purchase date that the item is effective or available to the user without charge

At the end of this period, an auto-recurring subscription is started.

Description Brief explanation of the item (1000 bytes maximum)


The standard price (USD 0 to USD 400) of the in-app item

Note: For an auto-recurring subscription item, a value of 0 (zero) cannot be entered, and its standard price cannot be changed after the item is registered.

After entering a value, click Apply to set the value.

For details about in-app item pricing, see the Managing In-App Items section.

  1. For each country, manage your in-app item's local price, and either enable or do not enable user payment using their phone bill.

Caution: Ensure each country has a suitable local price. Each local price will only be in effect after your app and the in-app item are certified for distribution.

For each country, you have the following options:

  • Do not enable phone bill payment and either:
    • Accept the default local price (based on the standard price and the exchange rate or a price set by country price requirements).
    • Enter your own local price (subject to country price requirements).
  • Enable phone bill payment (when available) and either:
    • Accept the default local price (which is the phone bill nearest to the default local price).
    • Select another available phone bill price as the local price.

Note: For details about the payment method applied to each country, see the Seller Office Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of the web page.

  1. Click the unfold button on the right hand side of the price by each country title.
  2. When not enabling phone bill payment:
    1. Review the local price for the country.
    2. If the default local price is not suitable, enter a suitable price.
      Note: If your new price is below the country minimum, the price will be changed to the minimum.
      If you receive a notice that your entry does not meet country price requirements, accept the automatically entered price or enter another price.
    3. Go to step 3.d. to complete the registration of the in-app item.
  3. To enable phone bill payment:
    1. Checkmark Payment Method: Phone Bill (Premium SMS/Carrier Billing) 
    2. For each country in which to make phone bill payment available:
      1. Checkmark Apply Phone Bill.
      2. Review the new default local price, which is the phone bill price nearest to the original default local price.
      3. Review the equivalent USD price.
      4. If either the new default local price or the USD price is not suitable, select a suitable phone bill price.
  1. Complete the registration of the in-app item:
    1. Ensure that the Item ID and Item Type entries are correct.
      Caution: These entries cannot be changed after saving the in-app item.
    2. Click Save.
  1. To register additional in-app items, go to step 3. Register an in-app item.
  2. Make the new in-app item(s) available to your users:
    1. If your app has not been certified for distribution:
      1. Complete the registration of your app.
        Note: After making entries for all required app fields, the Submit button turns red. 
      2. Submit your app and all of its in-app items to be certified for distribution.
        For details, see Seller Office Application Registration.
    2. If your app has already been certified for distribution, submit all of the new in-app items to be certified for distribution by clicking Submit:


      The in-app items will undergo certification for distribution by Samsung.