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How to get help with registering, updating, and deleting in-app items in Seller Office

If you have questions about managing in-app items, including registering, certifying, and updating:

  • Get personalized help by submitting a ticket using the Contact Us link.

  • Download documentation from Galaxy Apps Seller Office.

To locate documentation

You find documentation from both the In-App Item list and from Seller Office.

From the In-App Item List

  1. Click Guide Link to:
    • Download SDKs and development resources available on the Samsung Developer website.

    • Find documentation about implementing Samsung In-App Purchase. 

  2. Click PDF Guide to download the latest In-App Item Management document.


From Seller Office


  1. To download any one of several related guides, click Assistance > Guide Download.
  2. If you have a question not addressed by the guides or the Samsung Developer website, click Assistance > FAQ

If you do not find your answer in the FAQ, click 1:1 Enquiry to submit a question. A support representative will answer your message.

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