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Samsung Developer Program

Gear In-App Purchase Items

Gear In-App Purchase Items
Enable the sale of commercial IAP in-app items from your Gear apps and Gear watch face apps


Your Gear apps and Gear watch face apps, whether free or paid-for, can sell commercial in-app items to your users. Gear In-App Purchase (Gear IAP) manages the purchase transactions of:   

  • Consumable items (purchase whenever needed, use once)
  • Non-consumable items (purchase once, use any number of times)
  • Non-recurring subscription items (purchase whenever needed, use for the length of the subscription)
  • Auto-recurring subscription items (purchase one time, use for the length of the subscription and all automatically renewed subscriptions)



To sell in-app items from your Gear app or Gear watch face app:

To get help with this procedure and other issues, including personal help from Samsung engineers, join the Samsung Developer Program.

  1. Obtain a commercial Seller Office account, which allows you to distribute paid-for and free apps that sell in-app items.

  2. Design your app to support in-app items:

    1. Ensure your app and its in-app items follow Samsung policies and requirements.

    2. Get and use the latest in-app item data (for example, current price, and previous user purchase data).

    3. Provide users with the ability to review and purchase your in-app items.

    4. Upon a user purchase, initiate the Gear IAP management of the purchase transaction.
      Gear IAP manages the user's purchase transaction via the Android smartphone connected to the Gear device.

    5. After a user purchase, manage the results of the purchase (such as adjusting the UX for the user).

  3. Develop your app:

  1. Register your app and its in-app items and get them certified via Seller Office:
    For details about registering in-app items only, see Managing In-App Items.

    1. Register your app and upload your app binary file that integrates Gear IAP.
      You can add in-app items only after you register the binary file.

    2. Register your in-app items to your app. 
      When testing prior to submitting for certification, only one in-app item needs to be registered, more are optional.

    3. Submit your app and all of its in-app items for certification.

  2. Manage the marketing of your app and its in-app items via Seller Office:
    For details about managing in-app items only, see Managing In-App Items.

  • Review and change their distribution countries and mobile devices.

  • Review and change their pricing.

  • Review your finances.