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Theme Cluster Selection

The Reference Theme Panel displays the reference theme for the selected UI group/subgroup. The reference theme contains UI-based tools that enable users to navigate to theme parameters.

You can right-click most UI elements to see the theme parameters that control aspects of the UI element. You can click inside a theme cluster button to see the cluster's theme parameters in the Parameter Panel. 


Theme Cluster: Outlined group of UI elements controlled by theme parameters in the cluster.

  • Clicking a cluster button causes the cluster parameters to be displayed in the Parameter Panel.
  • Currently selected cluster may have a solid outline; unselected clusters may have a dashed outline. 
    Note: Some clusters may not have any outline.
  • The displayed UI screen can contain one or more buttons for each theme cluster.
  • UI elements outside a cluster button that are similar to elements inside a button are typically controlled by the same theme parameters. 

UI Element Parameter List: One or more theme parameters that control aspects of the moused-over UI element.

  • Most UI elements have several theme parameters that control aspects of their display.
  • UI elements with controlling parameters can be inside or outside a cluster button.
  • Mouse-over and right-click a UI element to display ALL of its controlling theme parameters.
  • In a parameter list:
    • Each parameter controls one aspect of the selected UI element and can control other UI elements in the same and other screens. 
    • ALL controlling parameters are displayed, whether or not a parameter is currently set in the theme.
    • Clicking a parameter will display it in the Parameter Panel and its reference theme screen.


Some UI elements are not clickable or right-clickable. These UI aspects either cannot be controlled via Theme Editor or are controlled by the theme parameters for a similar UI element that is clickable.

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