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Samsung Developer Program

Verify Item Purchase

Available starting with IAP 3.0 Helper, instead of client-to-server validation of IAP purchases, you can employ enhanced purchase security by integrating into your service app and your service app server server-to-server verification of IAP purchases, as well as payment processing of a specific item. 

IAP server-to-server purchase verification:

  1. Upon purchase, the IAP Helper issues an encrypted token for the transaction to your service app.
  2. When the purchase is successfully completed, the IAP server sends the token to your service app server.
  3. In the appsItemVerifyIAPReceipt call, your service app server sends the token to the IAP server.
  4. The IAP server verifies whether or not both tokens are the same.
  5. Via the VerificationVo listener, the IAP server sends your service app server either the status of the processing (not verified), or the status and details of the processing (validated).

To verify a purchase through a server-to-server request: