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In-App Purchase Architecture

Integrating Samsung IAP involves your Android app making IAP Helper API calls (for example, to initiate in-app item purchase and get information about available and purchased items), and your app server making IAP Server API calls (for example, to get purchase receipts)


Providing Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) functionality as an Android™ package through AIDL results in quick integration, but it requires developers to employ specialized Android skills to manage various processes, including linking to the IAP service, linking Samsung accounts, and running the IAP package validity tests. 

In Samsung IAP v5.x:

  • Your Android app logic and code make IAP calls to invoke IAP Helper functionality (in black).
  • Your app server logic and code make IAP calls to invoke IAP server-to-server  functionality (in black).
  • IAP system components support the processing of your calls (in blue).




Your app can make the following IAP Helper API calls:


Instantiates a IapHelper object that manages in-app item purchases, support, and consumption.

Returns the value IapHelper.

setOperationMode() Specifies the operating mode for Samsung IAP to a mode to test API integration during development (with no financial transactions), or to the normal mode for distributed apps (with financial transactions).


Initiates the user purchase and payment of the specified in-app item, which IAP manages and then returns the results.

Returns in-app item and purchase information and the processing status in the OnPaymentListener.


Registers the specified consumable in-app item as used, and makes the item available for purchase.

Returns the purchase ID and resulting consumable status of the item and the processing status in the OnConsumePurchasedItemsListener.


Returns in-app item and purchase information for all items purchased by the user and the processing status in the OnGetOwnedListListener.


Returns in-app item information about one or more specified in-app items available for purchase and the processing status in the OnGetProductsDetailsListener.



Your app server can make the following IAP Server API calls:

getPurchaseReceipt() Returns details about a specified in-app item purchase that you can use to verify the purchase.
createServiceToken() Generates and returns an access token to authenticate the processing of IAP server-to-server SOAP calls.
getSubscriptionStatus() SOAP call that returns the subscription status (current or expired) and other information about the specified subscription in-app item.


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