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Samsung Developer Program

In-App Item Types

Samsung IAP supports the sale of consumable items, non-consumable items, and subscription items that can have a free trial and are then automatically renewed


You specify the type of each in-app item when you register them to your Android app in Samsung Seller Office. In-app items can be consumables (such as coins, energy, and lives for game apps), non-consumables (such as tools and weapons for game apps), subscriptions (such as books and videos for service apps).




The in-app item (such as fuel and bullets in game apps) remains available to the user until they use it one time, after which it cannot be used again. 

In all IAP operating modes, the item can be initially purchased, and can be re-purchased after the item has been consumed. 



The in-app item (such as a book) remains available for use indefinitely after purchase. It does not expire.

In either IAP developer test mode, the item can be re-purchased (to support testing) by repeatedly re-initializing the developer test mode at least 10 minutes after the most recent purchase.

In IAP production mode, the item cannot be re-purchased. 



Auto-Recurring Subscriptions

While the subscription item (such as a monthly magazine or voucher) remains current:

  • Subscription components (such as newsletters and books) can be provided to the user (for example, upon initial purchase, periodically while the subscription is current, and upon renewal).
    Note: You are responsible for providing subscription components to users (for example, through your app or by independent methods such as email).
  • The user can use subscription components that have been provided.

After expiration:

  • New subscription components are not provided.
  • All previously provided subscription components can be accessed and used indefinitely.

Starting with Samsung IAP v5.x, a free trial period (7 to 999 days) is supported.  During the free trial: the subscription is current, and new subscription components can be provided and used.  After the free trial: the subscription is automatically renewed and remains current for one month, after which it is automatically renewed, unless stopped by the user. 

In either IAP developer test mode, subscriptions remain current for 2 hours, during which they cannot be repurchased. After 2 hours, they expire, are not automatically renewed, and can be purchased again.

In IAP production mode, the subscription will be automatically repurchased and renewed after the subscription expires (1 month), unless stopped by the user


 Note: Starting with Samsung IAP 5.0.0, the registration of non-recurring subscription products is no longer supported in Seller Office.