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In-App Purchase Features and Requirements


Samsung In App Purchase (IAP) provides a wide variety of features to support your in-app items; integrating IAP has some requirements

Samsung IAP Features

Samsung In App Purchase (IAP) version 5.x changes include:

  • In-app types were simplified from four to two.

  • Non-recurring subscription in-app items are no longer supported.

  • Added functionality:

    • Automatically ensure that user-purchased consumable items can only be repurchased after they are used.

    • Enhance in-app item purchase security by using pass-through parameter functionality.

    • Get  a list of all user-purchased subscription items and consumable items that have not been used.

    • Get a list of all in-app items.

    • Get a list of all user purchase requests, whether the purchase was successful or not.

  • Name changes:
    • The billing privilege, used to connect to IAP, has been changed to:
    • The IAP Helper has been
    • The Sample package has been


Samsung IAP version 4.x changes include:

  • IAP functionality is supported by Samsung Billing, which is preloaded on Samsung devices.

Samsung IAP version 3.x changes include:

  • Users can now pay using credit cards, prepaid cards, and phone bills in more than 90 countries.
  • Auto-recurring subscription items are now supported with automatically recurring billing.
  • Customized in-app item ID enables you to assign additional custom alphanumeric item IDs (such as COIN, wand, and monthlyBulletin05).
  • Added a method to get a cached list of purchased in-app items for a specified number of purchased item IDs. Cached list retrieval is faster , because client caching is supported.
  • ItemGroupId (12 digits) has been replaced by PackageName to identify your Android app.
  • You can test the entire In-App Purchase process without the risk of making actual financial transactions (with actual credit card billing) by enabling either of two IAP developer test modes.
  • IAP Library was changed to IAP Helper.
  • The IAP Helper has been
  • The Sample package has been
  • The IAP SDK development environment has changed from Eclipse to Android Studio 1.1.0, the industry-standard development environment.    

Samsung IAP version 2.x changes include:

  • The IAP service is provided as an Android™ package to ensure independence between Android apps.
  • Communication between Android apps and Samsung IAP by means of the Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL). 

Samsung IAP version 1.x changes include:

  • The payment service is linked to the Android app using a jar library.


Samsung IAP Requirements

Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) version 5.x requires the folllowing.

Android App

In-App Items


  • Platform: Samsung mobile devices
  • OS: Android API 14 (Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) or later
  • Installed:
    • IAP package
    • Samsung Account Mobile Client or another Samsung Account channel interface
    • Galaxy Apps version 4.2.13.x or later


  • Samsung Account user account
  • Samsung Billing user account