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Samsung Developer Program

In-App Purchase Items

Your free and paid Android apps can sell commercial in-app items to your users

The Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) service manages the purchase transactions and consumption of:   

  • Consumable items (purchase whenever needed, use once)
  • Non-consumable items (purchase once, use any number of times)
  • Auto-recurring subscription items (purchase, use for the length of the subscription, and automatically renew)

Note: Your Gear apps and Gear watch face apps can also sell in-app items. For details, see the Gear In-App Purchase Items section.

Samsung IAP Purchase and Payment Process

  1. A user decides to purchase one of your in-app items that your app offers (for example, in an in-app store). 
  2. IAP manages the purchase and payment:
    1. The user confirms the purchase by entering their Samsung Account password. 
    2. The user reviews the purchase details, specifies the type of payment, confirms the purchase, and then executes the purchase.
    3. Samsung IAP server completes the billing process.
  3. The user returns to your app, which properly responds to the item purchase processing.




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