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PointerIcon API Structure

This section presents an introduction to Look S-Pen PointerIcon API class, constructor, method, and their relationships.  

For details, see the online Look API Reference (

For details about integrating the PointerIcon API, see Integrating PointerIcon.

Samsung Look S-Pen PointerIcon Slook Classes and Methods.png

SlookPointerIcon Class

Specifies and controls the display of the S-Pen pointer icon over views.


Instantiates an SlookPointerIcon object to manage the S-Pen pointer icon displayed when hovering over one view



setHoverIcon(View view,
Drawable d)

Specifies whether a specified custom S-Pen pointer icon or the default pointer icon is to be displayed when the S-Pen hovers above the specified view:

view Name of the view



Whether the default icon or the specified icon is to be displayed:

[Name of object] Custom icon of a drawable class object is to be displayed.
Null Default icon is to be displayed.



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